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Reach, Cambridgeshire: A mini rewilding project brings exquisite new amphibian life to the garden ‘A perfect, jewel-like, lilliputian frog.I helped it along with a scoop of mud from a fenland ditch, a bundle of oxygenating hornwort and a small jamjar of wriggling tadpoles.

As soon as the temperature warms up in the UK, we strip down to our swimwear and run for any available water, be it a lido, river, swimming pool, lake or even just a nearby hose or sprinkler.So suit up and head out to these top wild swimming spots across the UK.

Emma Lee This recipe was given to me by my dear friend Vicente Taberner; Vicente and Anne own Huerta de Albalá winery in Cádiz.The milk in this recipe balances the strong flavour of the meat, so the taste is surprisingly delicate.