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The London Design Festival brings its celebration of design back to the city this September, and exciting, thought-provoking public installations have been commissioned around the city.Here's what to look out for as you travel around London.

Rachel Whiting Octavia Dickinson has achieved a very clever trick: she has conjured up a country house in the middle of London.As the plentiful paintings and prints on the walls attest, Octavia comes from an art background.

The London Design Festival returns this September for its 17th edition, celebrating London as the design capital of the world.The London Design Festival runs from September 14-22, with its main hub at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Even so, completing on a house when seven months pregnant and being determined to redecorate entirely before giving birth was ‘quite a punchy move’, concedes Pandora Sykes, a writer and co-host of the weekly culture podcast The High Low.More so, when one learns that Pandora had never done anything similar before.

Up to a year ago, David Hockney spent most of his working life in a vast room in a flat in a rather rather run-down area of Notting Hill.The room suited him simply because it was big enough for him to work and think in.

Tooting Bec Lido This south London lido is the largest freshwater swimming pool in the UK, and it's also one of the oldest, having opened in 1906.It opens to the public from late May to September every year, but members of the South London Swimming Club also swim there throughout the winter.

Shutterstock Boris Johnson held the title of Mayor of London for eight years, elected into office for two consecutive terms.At the time of his tenure, he was widely considered to be quite successful, hosting the London 2012 Olympic Games and introducing 'Boris Bikes' and new Routemaster buses to the London Transport plan.

When she bought the house nearly 30 years ago, it was a standard London garden with a lawn, a path and a few apple trees, plus an Anderson shelter.When Jinny moved to south London, she co-owned a delicatessen; the idea of a career in garden design hadn't even crossed her mind.

It soon becomes clear, on arrival at her house, that Bridie Hall has a wondrous approach to living.A decorative artist and maker, Bridie has an eponymous line of accessories that brightens countless homes.

I used to live on the top floors of my London house, with a garden on the roof, and now my flat is on the ground floor, with a tiny garden leading off the sitting room.So I decided to sell the top floors and use the proceeds to pull apart the ground floor and reassemble it.

The most recent is the work of antiques dealer and interior designer Max Rollitt.The owners are very pragmatic and wanted to know whether it was worth spending money to make the flat more attractive,' says Max.

Also on offer will be a special Wimbledon dessert and cocktail by Jones Family Kitchen, sister restaurant of Jones Family Project.Bluebird is at 350 King's Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 5UU.

‘We were looking to redecorate our old house, so I called her and we clicked instantly,’ says Lucy.‘The project was such a pleasure to be a part of because no one was precious about their role in it,’ says Lucy.

Iam old enough to remember when the City of London on a Friday night was almost exclusively populated by besuited men tearing off their ties.Quickly dubbed the Cheesegrater, it is now the site of one of London’s most long-awaited restaurants, Bob Bob Cité.

While several students on the 8-person course have backgrounds in floristry, my amateur skills are well up to the test.This is no doubt aided by the fact that our teachers encourage us to take inspiration from the floral paintings of the 17th-century Dutch Masters, rather than copy them directly.

RA Lego architecture challengeArchitecture firms Hawkins\Brown, OMMX and the Manser Practice will battle it out on June 12 at the Royal Academy to be the best Lego building architect.Head to Pitzhanger Manor - newly renovated and reopened to the public - for an interactive day that will get kids interested in architecture.

It is rare to step into a first-time buyer's flat and immediately spot a cohesive decorative thread, executed with a strong sense of style.Yet interior designer Beata Heuman has done exactly that in her Earls Court flat, bought three years ago and completed in a few swift months.

The wenge worktop was chosen to be 'more cosy and warm than stone', says Hannah.It is neat and chic, and the perfect size for Hannah, who would happily survive on 'popcorn and Champagne'.

Simon Brown As Christopher Hodsoll's antique shop in Pimlico Road expanded, he found increasingly that he had to use the spacious rooms of his flat in Eaton Square as an extension to his business.Particularly in evidence are a number of antique fabrics which Christopher Hodsoll has collected over the years.

Celebrate by heading to a restaurant or bar with a particularly good English wine offering, or simply hit up one of the best wine bars London has to offer.It is an excellent place to toast English Wine Week, with over ten varieties on offer.