From May 11-19 visitors will have the unique opportunity to see inside our rare collection of cabinets. Behind the closed doors and drawers of these intriguing objects lies some beautiful artwork and craftsmanship.

To view the cabinets the house will be open 12-4pm daily, last entry 3.30pm.

Marvel at the intricate details of our cabinets for 9 days only. Due to the fragile nature of these cabinets they have remained locked shut for the majority of their lifetime. Often it is the interiors of these objects which have the most detail; think pearl inlays and ornate carvings.

The inside of one of the Japanese cabinets from the Green Closet
Cabinet Secrets at Ham House

John Hammond

The inside of one of the Japanese cabinets from the Green Closet

For this short period we will fully open the cabinets. We will also use this time to clean and protect the precious interiors. This will give visitors the opportunity on selected days to witness conservation in action and talk to our knowledgeable conservators about what it takes to care for our priceless collection.

Highlights include a very rare 17th century ivory cabinet in the North Drawing room, and the set of Kyoto designed lacquered cabinets in the Green Closet that were bought on the Japanese market in the mid-17th century.