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Add an attractive element to your garden with this DIY raised garden bed.

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Gather your supplies
• Sides (12) 200 x 50 x 1750mm H4 pine sleepers
Ends (12) 200 x 50 x 850mm H4 pine sleepers
Internal side battens (8) 200 x 50 x 600mm H4 pine sleeper
Internal corner battens (16) 100 x 50 x 600mm H4 pine
Capping (4) 200 x 50 x 1900mm H4 pine sleepers
Capping (4) 200 x 50 x 1000mm H4 pine sleepers

You'll also need
Dulux Weathershield acrylic paint in Man Friday; 75mm and 100mm bugle-head screws; garden soil mix; mulch; plants of your choice

Here's how
Step 1
Mark out area for 2 garden beds, remove grass and level soil. Check timber is cut to correct length.

Step 2
Lay out 2 side and 2 end sleepers, butt joining each length to inside face of last, working clockwise, to give external perimeter of 1800 x 900mm.

Step 3
With corners square, drive 2 x 100mm screws at each corner to secure frame.

Step 4
Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to build 5 more frames. Position 2 base frames where you want the beds to be. Stack 2 more frames on each (with help), and ensure they sit square.

Step 5
Fix 1 internal corner batten hard into each frame corner, driving a 75mm screw into each level of framework. In same corner, fix another corner batten hard against the last, against opposite side. Repeat for each corner. Fix 2 internal side battens at evenly spaced intervals on each long side of framework for extra rigidity.

Step 6
Mitre corners of capping, maintaining length of 1900mm for sides and 1000mm for ends (this allows a 50mm shadow line around each side). Position capping and drive screws downwards into framework and horizontally into each mitre joint.

Step 7
Lightly sand frames, then paint. When dry, fill with soil, plant up, mulch and water well.