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Get that beachy vibe at home.

- by Laura Barry

There’s nothing more summery than channeling beach vibes into your home, wherever it may be. All you need is some greenery, coastal style elements and few quick swaps of soft furnishings.

Shannon Fricke is the co-director of Newrybar Merchants in Byron Bay, a luxe retail space that stocks products from local artisans as well as pop-up events. Newrybar Merchants have teamed up with Plant Life Balance to create some coastal plant looks on their app, so we decided to ask Shannon for her advice on recreating the coastal look at home. Here’s her top tips for styling plants.

5 plants that play up a ‘coastal’ look

  1. Rosemary
  2. Kentia Palm
  3.  Fiddle Leaf Fig
  4. Westringia
  5. Magnolia Little Gem

5 style tips for creating coastal style with plants

1. “For a coastal look interior, style plants in clusters of three or more, ranging in heights and sizes. Keep large pots at the back and smaller pots at the front.”

2. “Fully grown fiddle leaf fig trees bring ‘dead spaces’ (such as empty corners or entryways) to life, especially when paired with a statement pot.”

3. “Pick foliage plants that all have leaves in similar colours and tones. Greys with greys, green with green.”

4. “The key to plant symmetry is to ensure all of your pots are the same colour and similar shapes. Mix it up with the sizes.”

5. “More is more when it comes to plants. Try hanging baskets of plants from the veiling in your bathroom, while larger pots in a living area will create a beachy jungle vibe.”

Other coastal style tips to try

  • If you’re looking to introduce some coastal style elements into your home, try integrating natural materials such as linen, leather, and timber into your home by way of cushions, linen throw blankets and lightweight curtains or sheers.
  • A coastal interior typically uses classic colours such as off-white, beige, blues and yellow, with green accents via fresh flowers and plants.
  • When it comes to choosing decorative items to display in your home, try to think ‘beach’ and incorporate fresh-smelling candles, sailing paraphernalia and other marine-inspired items.
  • Furniture in natural timber and linen always plays up a coastal or ‘Hamptons’ style, and leather ottomans or chairs in natural tan will further enhance the vibe.

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Laura Barry Laura Barry is a writer, bookworm and interior design enthusiast with a love for reporting on all things homes and lifestyle. When not tapping away at her keyboard, Laura can be found making endless cups of tea or perusing the shelves of Sydney’s many bookstores.