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Create a striking, year round display in your backyard with spectacular low-maintenance plants.

- by Better Homes and Gardens

It's all about balance

The secret to creating a beautiful garden is balance. Leafy grasses and low growing succulents soften the geometric rigour of agaves and aloes.


Lead the way

Don't forget to include a walkway in your garden bed. A subtle stepping stone pathway is ideal for improving access and bed maintenance.


Popping pots

For extra impact punctuate greenery with large urns or intriguing pots.


Colour bursts

Dare to take risks with plant placement. Agave varieties burst forth from a sea of crassula and blue chalk sticks.


Low maintenance, maximum impact

A long lived plant, Crassula ovate will remain perfectly happy in the same pot for many years - so you had better choose one you like.


Off the wall

Beautify dull fences and railings with the orange trumpet creeper (Pyrostegia venusta) - it produces a magnificent display in winter. Plant in full sun and prune lightly after flowering.