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Build garden furniture that’s a work of art. 

- by Adam Dovile

Don’t be hung out to dry when you’re looking for a spot to sit back, relax and enjoy your garden – build a bench that wouldn’t look out of place in an art gallery. Built in the shape of a humble wooden spring-loaded clothes peg, this bench is made using basic treated pine sleepers. It looks so good that you’ll be torn between taking a seat or just standing back and admiring your eye-catching creation!

Chris Jones

How to build the bench

This clever project shows what can be achieved by using materials differently to the way they were intended. Sleepers are structural landscaping timber used here to create durable outdoor furniture. While flexible electrical conduit was coiled to create a realistic spring. The peg bench is finished with a black decking stain to protect the timber and give it a modern look.

Everything you need for this project can be found at the hardware store. And so it’s easy for you to build, we’ve put the materials list, shopping info and the step-by-step pictures and instructions for this peg bench on a project sheet.

Download your free project sheet here

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Adam Dovile You still can’t wipe the smile from the affable chippie who won season 2 of House Rules with his wife Lisa in 2014. Mortgage-free and joining the Better Homes and Gardens team a year later as their resident builder, it’s fair to say that Adam’s grin isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.