#1 The changing exhibitions

The current art exhibition is Floral Fantasy, an indoor plant installation that sees cascading plants and brightly-coloured flowers intertwined with technology to create a dream-like experience of garden artistry.

5 reasons to visit Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay

سنگاپور، گاردن بای د بی، گنبد گل گاردن بای د بی در حالت جزئی تر دارای 12 بخش مختلف است که هر یک جاذبه ای خاص به شمار می رود. بخش اول گنبد گل (Flower Dome) است. گنبد گل بزرگترین گلخانه شیشه ای دنیاست که در سال 2015 در لیست رکوردهای گینس به ثبت رسید. در اینجا می توانید علاوه بر گل های رنگارنگ از درختان زیتون، درختان غول پیکر بائوباب مجموعه گل های فصلی بازدید کنید. دیدنی های نزدیک این بخش جنگل ابر، زمین بازی کودکان، رستوران پولن و رستوران غذاهای دریایی مجستیک بی است. گنبد گل دارای 8 بخش مختلف است. هر بخش جایگاه گیاهان متفاوتی است. این گیاهان از 5 قاره مختلف جهان گرد هم آمده اند. این هشت بخش شامل درختان بائوباب و آدانسونیا، باغ ساکولنت، باغ استرالیایی، باغ جنوب آفریقا، باغ آمریکای جنوبی، باغ کالیفرنیا، باغ مدیترانه ای، بیشه درختان زیتون می باشد. هزینه بازدید از این بخش برای بزرگسالان 28 دلار و برای کودکان 3 تا 12 سال 15 دلار است. تصویر آخر نمایی از کل مجموعه گاردن بای د بی است. @gitanema #singapore #travel #flowerdome #gardenbythebay #سنگاپور #سفر #گنبد_گل

#2 The Flower Dome

The Flower Dome is a giant glass cool-dry conservatory (the largest glass greenhouse in the world!) that has an evolving display of flowers and plants from both Mediterranean and semi-arid regions of the world. There are nine different gardens within the dome, showcasing plant life from five continents, including Australia, America and the Mediterranean region. Chilled water pipes in ground keeps the air within the conservatory cool, a welcome respite from the hot and humid Singapore weather. Currently, Rose Romance is the theme for the Flower Dome, and the European garden filled with 40 varieties or roses is particularly worth seeing.

5 reasons to visit Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay

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5 reasons to visit Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay

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#3 The Cloud Forest

You could be forgiven for thinking you had just wandered onto the set of Jurassic Park when first entering Cloud Forest. This misty conservatory dome is home to the world’s tallest indoor waterfall (standing at 30 metres), which spills from a man-made mountain of tropical foliage. Better yet, this dome has an indoor tree top walk that allows visitors to climb to the top of the waterfall and take in the lush views below. Cool, calm and refreshing, Cloud Forest is also home to an excellent display of orchids and carnivorous plants – aptly named ‘Lost World’. The Secret Garden is also worth visiting as the peaceful installations features 7000 plants found in limestone caves and forests.

#4 The Supertree Grove

The Supertree Grove and OSBC Skyway is a view to behold both night and day. The trees range from 25 to 50 metres tall and by day, the aerial walkway offers views across the gardens and over the city of Singapore, while at night the trees are illuminated by an enchanting light show.

5 reasons to visit Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay

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#5 The outdoor gardens 

Gardens by the Bay is a large precinct and also has nine other garden developments, including the Serene Garden, Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes, Bay East Garden, Children’s Garden with outdoor water play area, the sun pavilion and Heritage Gardens. Gardens by the Bay also showcases large scale art sculptures.

5 reasons to visit Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay

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How to get there:

The gardens are easy to visit, and is a walkable distance from Bayfront MRT station, which will give you a delightful view of the Marina Bay Sands building, and the Dragonfly Bridge or Meadow Bridge, depending which route you take. Alternatively. The local city sightseeing bus tour tickets also include access to the garden shuttle bus which will drop you right by the entrance. Gardens by the Bay is also a convenience place to start your sightseeing journey in Singapore, as it is conveniently located nearby to Marina Bay, the Helix Bridge and the ArtScience Museum. Allow at least a day to explore the area. 

Entry to the outdoor gardens is free, but tickets are required to enter both conservatories, walk the OSBC Skyway and access special exhibitions.

*The writer was in no way paid or given complimentary access to Gardens by the Bay - she simply loved the the experience!

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