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Pick up a can of spray paint and a woven basket – it’s time to embrace the dipped effect!

Dulux Australia

One of the hottest interior décor must-haves at the moment, you might have seen these part-coloured baskets making their debut in homewares stores. This attractive ombre look is so easy to achieve – all you need is a can of spray paint and a woven basket. After a bit of DIY, these beauties are perfect for displaying a fab indoor plant, such as the classic Devil’s Ivy.

Dipped basket

Gather your supplies

• Woven basket

Dulux Duramax high performance enamel gloss in Endless Dusk (or any colour you love!)

Damp cloth

Drop sheet or newspaper

Lazy Susan (optional)

Here’s how

Step 1 Using damp cloth, wipe over basket to remove dust. Let dry.

Step 2 In a well-ventilated area, spread out drop sheet or newspaper. Place basket on top. If using the lazy Susan, place it underneath newspaper so it can spin freely.

Step 3 For the faded ombre effect, start spraying a light coat of paint about half way up the basket, keeping your hand steady as you make your way around the basket. If using the lazy Susan, spin and spray at the same time.

Step 4 Continue spraying lower portion of the basket with 1 thin coat of paint. Let dry.

Step 5 Spray lower portion of the basket in 1–2 more coats of paint. Keep your distance from the top line of paint to maintain the faded ombre effect. Let dry after each coat.

Step 6 To prevent water spilling out of the basket, place a plastic saucer inside the basket before adding a potted plant, here Devil’s Ivy.

Project courtesy of Dulux Australia

Dulux Australia